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CABASER /dostinex 5 tablets/1mg 5 tablets loose in a bag.



Cabaser is also known as cabergoline, it is a drug that was created primarily to lower prolactin levels.In medicine, the drug is used in people with pituitary tumors and other prolactin-related diseases.However, the potential of this drug is beyond medical use.Cabaser has a few other characteristic features 🙂 namely, it improves sex 🙂 that’s why it is said to be “a medicine of pleasure”.It improves other aspects of sexual function, e.g. libido, ejaculation, better orgasm.High levels of prolactin, unfortunately, reduce libido as well as our well-being when you take steroids, it is important that you do periodic check-ups of prolactin and estrogen.When your level of prolactin exceeds the norm, then Cabaser is just for you.
Cabaser for lowering prolactin levelsProlactin is produced by the human body in the pituitary gland. It affects the functioning of individual processes, while allowing the entire body to grow naturally. However, its excess can be very dangerous and lead to numerous health problems. Usually, this is also a symptom of some chronic disease, which is why it is so important to keep this hormone normal. For this purpose, Cabaser is used, which very effectively helps in reducing prolactin levels.
Other benefits of using the drugIn addition to the strictly medical properties used to improve health, Cabaser can also be used for other purposes. Excessive prolactin production significantly reduces libido, as well as overall well-being. Thanks to the use of Kabergoline, the above-mentioned situations can be easily avoided. It is very helpful in maintaining the proper functioning of the body, especially in people exposed to ailments related to sexuality. Most often these symptoms occur in people reaching for doping and other stimulants during training. In such cases, you should remember about proper supplementation of the body, because any interference with the hormones and the organs that produce them can be very dangerous for the whole body. Therefore, when using doping, tests should be carried out more often to check the level of individual hormones, and the drugs taken should be adjusted to the results of these tests.
Despite the fact that the drug can cause different reactions in individual people, it is the best way to avoid problems with excessive production of prolactin.


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  • CABASER /dostinex 5 tablets/1mg 5 tablets loose in a bag.

    CABASER /dostinex 5 tablets/1mg 5 tablets loose in a bag.

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