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HALOTESTIN 50 tabl/10mg



HALOTESTIN NEXIUM 50 tablets/10mg

Halotestin is a legend among weightlifters and endurance athletes. It is also used in boxing where aggression is a positive aspect. The word itself evokes the picture of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, because it is often used due to the fact of increasing the level of aggression and endurance. Probably Mike Tyson took this measure before the fight with Evander Holyfield when he bit off his ear piece during the fight. … Halo is 19 times more anabolic than testosterone and 8.5 times more androgenic. It is a 17-alpha-alkalide compound administered orally, therefore it is also toxic to the liver and it is recommended to take no more than 40mgs daily for 4-6 weeks

It has a great impact on the production of red blood cells, it also has a great impact on endurance and fat loss. It increases hematocrit, increases the oxygen content in the blood and the amount of oxygen supplied to tissues, which in turn increases efficiency. When it comes to aggression and endurance, the halo has No. 1. This agent is especially useful when making slices when you need high strength. It is often used 2 hours before training, which increases its performance and noticeably improves neuromuscular strength and endurance.

Halo does not cause estrogenic side effects such as gynecomastia, water or fat retention. However, it can cause acne, skin problems, alopecia and high aggression. Halo also blocks the production of its own testosterone, which is why hcg and clomid / nolvadex should be used


Advantages of using Halotestin

1. Faster fat burning

2. Slower fat gain because the ratio of androgens to estrogens changes

3. Greatly improves muscle definition

4. Strengthening strength

5. Increase of body efficiency

Application and doses

It is recommended to use this preparation for a period of 6 to 8 weeks. If someone chooses a longer cycle, unfortunately, but their health can suffer very badly. Dosages that are recommended oscillate around 30 mg. If it is to be for someone the first measure is better to start with lower doses, because they will give very good results. If someone is using steroids again, they certainly know what doses will be perfect for him. Liver function tests are recommended before and after the cycle. It will be intended mainly for people who want to increase their strength and endurance, but without a great increase in their muscles. Rather, this measure will improve the definition of muscle rather than build it so much. Of course, there will be noticeable changes, but they will not be as great as in the case of e.g. testosterone.

  • HALOTESTIN 50 tabl/10mg

    HALOTESTIN 50 tabl/10mg

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