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TIROMEL T3 100 tabl/25mg CYTOMEL



Tiromel also called cytomel is a non-steroidal preparation whose active substance is a synthetic hormone which is normally produced by thyroid cells. More specifically, it is the T3 hormone (triiodothyronine).


significant loss of unnecessary fat,
clear silhouette contour, improved silhouette appearance, without significantly cutting off calories consumed,
support for longer mass cycles with a large caloric supply.


In bodybuilding sport, tiromel / cytomel is most often used to minimize unnecessary fat. The hormones produced by the thyroid organ are often called regulators of metabolism processes. High T3 concentration significantly speeds up the metabolism, which translates into increased calories burned and weight loss. It is a known fact that both excess and deficiency pose a threat to the body and may result in the appearance of harmful side effects. T3 does not show catabolic properties, however, there may be a slight loss of muscle tissue and not only fat. People with 10-12% BF (Body Fat) have such a problem, with significantly lower caloric intake, e.g. extreme reduction or the use of fasting.
In order to prevent muscle mass loss, it is recommended to use the SAA cycle simultaneously. The simultaneous use of SSA together with T3 is a very individual matter. The basis, however, is to determine the right diet during supplementation with tiromel. The T3 supplementation cycle is not recommended for beginners in the subject of people, because a person consuming tiromel should be perfectly familiar with their body and possible reactions of the body to T3 supplementation with a selected diet.
The drug is in the form of tablets for oral administration.


It is recommended to supplement the dose between 25 and 50 mcg daily. The dose selected in this way does not have a negative impact on the production of endogenous thyroid hormone T3, and thanks to the inclusion of supplementation at this level, you can achieve satisfactory effects, including an increase in muscle mass while minimizing fat growth. The resulting muscles are well-defined and hard.
It is recommended that the tiromel supplementation cycle not exceed 4 to 6 weeks. In order to minimize the risk of thyroid dysfunction, you can maneuver the dose, but remember to increase or decrease the dose gradually.

  • TIROMEL T3 100 tabl/25mg CYTOMEL

    TIROMEL T3 100 tabl/25mg CYTOMEL

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